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No holiday in the Indian Ocean is complete without exploring the world beneath the crystal clear water surrounding Zanzibar. Whether you choose to perfect your skills, increase your confidence or simply have fun The Sands offers the opportunity to follow many courses with our 5 star Diving School and the sole Surfing School in Zanzibar. But don’t worry, you can just relax in our pools or discover the outstanding variety of coral and sea life snorkeling around the reef, if you wish so.


This forest is one of the last remaining sanctuaries in the world of the red colubus monkey. The forest is 2,512 hectares (6,207 acres) in size and was declared a nature reserve in the 1960′s. Wonderful photo opportunities and sightings of these rare creatures living in the forest reserves are possible on the pathways. Our guides are also naturalists and nature lovers will have a wonderful time in the nature reserve.

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Zanzibar’s main market is well worth a visit – best undertaken in the morning, when things are still fresh. You’ll find everything here – from colourful piles of spices, slabs of meat, fresh fish and huge baskets full of live chickens to sandals and mobile phones – all set out in a series of covered halls and twisting alleys.


At 60 km from the resort you can visit Stone Town, also known as Mji Mkongwe (Swahili for “old town”), is the old part of Zanzibar City, the main city of Zanzibar. The heart of Stone Town mostly consists of a maze of narrow alleys lined by houses, shops, bazaars and mosques. Since most streets are too narrow for cars, the town is crowded with bicycles and motorbikes.

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